Toddler Book

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Count: 1 book
Size: A4

  • 90 spiral-bound A4 pages including:
  • Toddler milestones for years 1-4 (incl food, sleep and development)
  • Toddler tantrums and crazy habits (because there’ll be plenty)
  • The toddler dictionary to write down the many super cute only-your-toddler-could-say-that expressions that make you giggle
  • Best friends
  • Favourite books
  • Adventures at daycare and with other carers
  • Gallery of drawings and artworks
  • 4 custom pages (so you can create your own)
  • And lots more...
  • Bonus section: A letter to my toddler (2 pages)
  • Monochrome make-me-your-own illustrations for colouring in
  • Gender neutral for LGBTQ parents or single parenting champions
    • Acid-free PEFC certified paper (sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation forests): Artist quality 200gsm inner pages and 350gsm cover
    • Black and white design so you can truly make it your own
    • Expandable design that expands as you add life’s treasures
    • Easy to fill out so you can get on with making memories

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This book is designed, printed and bound in Australia.

Throughout the toddler years your little human is going through incredible change, rapid growth and emotional upheaval. It’s when your baby develops their own personality that deserves to be documented with all its quirks, tantrums and moments of laughter. They may push you to the limits there and then, but you’ll soon look back at these years with an I-wish-I-could-rewind mindset. Pinky promise!

Across 90 pages, the Monochrome Toddler Book accompanies you on this rollercoaster journey all the way from the first birthday (aka the moment you celebrate YOU for keeping bub alive for a whole year) to the moment they wave the big 4 goodbye. No matter what, you’ve got years 1-4 covered!

The fun illustrations and toddler-induced prompts by Blueberry Co Founder, Chloe Watts, guide you through the many ups and downs, tantrums and belly laughs with a toddler. Every luxurious page gives you all the room you need to hold photos, artworks and any other bits and bobs your toddler takes a liking to along the way.

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