Rainbow Roadtrip (a-la-carte)

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Count: 1 sticker sheet (see options)
Sheet Size:
 3.5" x 4.25"
Paper: "Vinglossicorn" paper - feels like a combination of vinyl, glossy and unicorn

(1) Rainbow Roadtrip - Characters (full box)
(2) Rainbow Roadtrip - Headers
(3) Rainbow Roadtrip - Functional
(4) Rainbow Roadtrip - Checklists 1 (full box) - orange
(5) Rainbow Roadtrip - Checklists 2 (full box) - pink
(6) Rainbow Roadtrip - Outlines (half box)

Design: All designs are created by Wonton in a Million
Picture: Retrieved from www.wontoninamillion.com

Please note: Colours may differ on monitor screens due to different settings

Decorate your planner, scrapbooks, journals, and more with this a la carte sheet from the Rainbow Roadtrip Sticker Kit! 

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