North Pole | Monthly B6

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Our B6 monthly sticker kits are sized to fit the monthly views of our B6 Wonton In A Million planners perfectly!

Each kit comes with a transparent foiled sticker sheet featuring the months of the year and the days of the week, so you can choose which month you want to use the kit for, and whether you want a Monday or Sunday start to your weeks!

(1) North Pole - (A) Date Covers
(2) North Pole - (B) Boxes
(3) North Pole - (C) Foil

- Kit includes 3 sticker sheets sized 3.5" x 7" two are printed on high quality matte paper with vinyl lamination (write on it with any permanent pen) and one features foil on transparent sticker paper
- Date cover headers are 0.8" tall by 4.75" wide, dividers are 4.75" wide, and functional boxes are 1.2" wide, sized to fit the monthly views in {Wonton In A Million's B6 planners}

Design: All designs are created by Wonton in a Million
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Please note: Colours may differ on monitor screens due to different settings

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