Dimsum Town | Washi (Set of 5)

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Come visit Dimsum Town with us, and explore the places where the members of the Steam Team hold their birthday parties, get their stationery supplies, pick up their favorite pastries, and hang out with their loved buns. 🌈 When anyone asks me what my pie-in-the-sky dream is for Wonton In A Million, I always say that it's to have an amusement park. Dimsum Town is what I imagine the shops & restaurants of that amusement park would look like! Featuring a gorgeous pastel rainbow colorway, this year's special anniversary collection includes a ton of limited edition specialty items and all of the stationery and accessories you need to imagine and commemorate your once-in-a-lifetime excursion to Dimsum Town.

  • Set of washi tape each featuring 10m length of tape
  • Use these washi rolls to decorate your planners, accent your bullet journals, spice up your greeting cards, and supercharge your other crafty projects!


  1. Dimsum Town - Rainbow Shops Washi (15mm)
  2. Dimsum Town - Rainbow Scallops Washi (DIECUT 10mm)
  3. Dimsum Town - Street Signs Date Cover Washi (10mm, 1" Perforated)
  4. Dimsum Town - Peeking Clouds Washi (DIECUT 15mm)
  5. Dimsum Town - Main Street Washi (TRANSPARENT 20mm)

Design: All designs are created by Wonton in a Million
Picture: Retrieved from www.wontoninamillion.com

Please note: Colours may differ on monitor screens due to different settings

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