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Welcome to one of the 8 shops in Dimsum Town (Population: Wonton), Bolo Bob's Bun Of A Kind Bakery! Featuring all of your favorite Chinese buns and the warm vibes of your favorite Chinese bakery, this collection includes all of the stationery and accessories you need to show off your love of Chinese buns in your planners, journals, scrapbooks, and more!

  • Choose the sticker kit you'd like in your bundle:
    (A) Weekly Planning Sticker Kit (Matte Paper) - This weekly sticker kit features box stickers that are 1.5" wide, meaning it's sized for many weekly planners like our A5W and B6 planners, Printpression's, Erin Condren, Happy Planner, etc. This is the most popular sticker kit option and can be used flexibly in most planners.

    (B) Journaling Sticker Kit (Washi Paper) - This sticker kit features more freeform and decorative stickers that work well in journals, in planners with smaller columns (like the Hobonichi Cousin, Midori, etc), and in bullet journals and more! This kit is printed on washi sticker paper, which means the stickers blend beautifully into any paper you put it on. If you prefer a freeform aesthetic in your planner, you love having your stickers look like they're printed into your planner, or you have a planner with off-white colored paper or Tomoe River paper, this is the kit for you.
  • Includes an assortment of exclusively designed stationery, planner accessories, and specialty items


  1. Loyalty Card: Bolo Bob Mini Sticker Sampler
  2. Bakery - Hot Dog Bun Laptop Vinyl Sticker
  3. Bakery - Coconut Cream Bun Laptop Vinyl Sticker
  4. Bakery - Pork Floss Bun Laptop Vinyl Sticker
  5. Bakery - Braided Raisin Bun Laptop Vinyl Sticker
  6. Bakery - Egg Ham Bun Laptop Vinyl Sticker
  7. Bakery - Corn Bun Laptop Vinyl Sticker
  8. Bakery - Red Bean Bun Laptop Vinyl Sticker
  9. Bakery - Cocktail Bun Laptop Vinyl Sticker
  10. Bakery - Sweet Bun Laptop Vinyl Sticker
  11. Chinese Bakery Visit Planner Stickers
  12. Chinese Bakery Trays Planner Stickers
  13. Chinese Bakery Buns Planner Stickers
  14. Bolo Bob Emojis Planner Stickers
  15. Bun of A Kind Bakery Stamps Planner Stickers
  16. Bakery Days of the Week Planner Stickers
  17. Bolo Bob Plans At A Bakery Planner Stickers
  18. Weekly Activities: Chinese Bakery Palette Planner Stickers
  19. Bun Of A Kind Bakery Washi Stickers
  20. Buns, Buns, and Buns Transparent Stickers
  21. Bakery Gold Foil Stickers
  22. Bakery - Chinese Bakery Shelves Washi (20mm, Gold Foil)
  23. Bakery - All The Buns Washi (15mm, Gold Foil)
  24. Bakery - Golden Awning Washi (5mm, Gold Foil)
  25. Bakery - Buns Galore Washi (DIECUT)
  26. Bolo Bob Acrylic Clip
  27. Bakery Bundle Box
  28. Bun Of A Kind Bakery Washi Card


  1. Weekly Vertical Kit (Matte Vinyl Sticker Paper)
  2. Journaling Kit (Washi Sticker Paper)

                            Design: All designs are created by Wonton in a Million
                            Picture: Retrieved from www.wontoninamillion.com

                            Please note: Colours may differ on monitor screens due to different settings

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