Feeling Fluffy | Sticker Sheet

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Story behind this sheet... I couldn't zip up my wedding dress before my wedding so I needed some motivation to remind me to keep my diet in check and that's where I came up with these "fluffy" munchkins! They're super cute and you can use them for so many situations including tracking actual pregnancy, or if you just ate too much and have a food baby. Honestly, some days I feel fat and I just want to express myself. Other days, I may have certain fitness goals and that's how I will use these too. Either way, I hope this sheet will be a fun way for you to track changes to your body! But at the end of the day, I hope you love yourself for who you are because these munchkins sure love you <3 

Count: 1 sticker sheet 
Sheet Size:
 3.5" x 4.5" 
Paper: non-removable matte white sticker paper

Design: All designs are created by Once More With Love
Picture: Retrieved from www.oncemorewithlove.com

Please note: Colours may differ on monitor screens due to different settings

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