Acrylic Cat Paw Washi Cutter

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Tired of using an old credit card to tear your washi? Tired of cutting through your pages with a scalpel? Why not tear your washi the ADORABLE way?

This EXCLUSIVE Fox and Cactus acrylic washi cutter is the cutest way to tear your washi! Features a small circular hole in the corner so you can clip it onto a bag when not using it, or you can store it in your on the go planner pouch.

The washi tape cutters do not have a blade or serrated edge, but the straight edge on the acrylic allows you to tear washi! We were able to get a clean tear line with every tape we tested, however some washi tapes that are more plastic-y and can be a bit trickier to tear (and in my experience even cut with a scalpel) so we recommend pulling these tapes tight and straight upwards for the best results.

Design: Original art designed by Fox and Cactus

Please note: 
Colours may differ on monitor screens due to different settings

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