World Castle | Acrylic Holder

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This listing includes (1) acrylic pen holder.

The stand is APPROX 6" in height and can hold pens, accessories, makeup brushes and more! 

Please note that these acrylic items are fragile and we cannot replace an item due to human error. This acrylic holder is marked down because the original image has been altered and it is not as vibrant as we would like it. 


To assemble: The pen holder comes with five pieces - a front and back display and three pieces of the holder. The front and back are both castle pieces. There are two equal length clear pieces of the holder and one large bottom piece of the holder. You will first attach the two equal length clear pieces to one half of the castle with the extra piece attached facing down. Use enough pressure to securely place them, they will not really click but you can tell that they are pushed almost all the way in. You can do the same for the other side now, the 2nd castle piece. Having one piece left, this is the bottom of the pen holder. Attach it and use enough pressure to place it as well. The entire stand could click together with enough pressure. 

Design: All designs are created by Creativity and Ink
Picture: Retrieved from

Please note: Colours may differ on monitor screens due to different settings

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