Porcelain | Washi (Set of 2)

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For the sophisticated planner looking to make a bold statement, our 2022 Porcelain Collection takes its inspiration from fine china dinnerware - boasting a stunning color scheme of bold blue, ceramic white, and exquisite florals. With a full range of products for both your planning and dining needs, you're sure to find a conversation piece in the Porcelain Collection that'll wow even the most discerning (dinner) critic! ;)

  • Set of washi tape each featuring 10m length of tape
  • Use these washi rolls to decorate your planners, accent your bullet journals, spice up your greeting cards, and supercharge your other crafty projects!


    1. WASHI (20MM) - Porcelain - Steam Team (20mm)
    2. WASHI (10MM) - Porcelain - Florals (10mm)

    Design: All designs are created by Wonton in a Million
    Picture: Retrieved from www.wontoninamillion.com

    Please note: Colours may differ on monitor screens due to different settings

    NOTE: 20mm washi has slight ghosting due to the blue foiling; price is discounted to account for that.

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